Complete Lean Solutions was established in 2004 by Richard Pounder and Andy Kelsall. Between them they had over 22 years experience of working for Toyota in the UK and Europe.

Initially offering straightforward Lean Specialist services in Australia it quickly became apparent that there was a market for structured Lean Training. The CLS developed training programs were created around real business need as opposed to simply “ticking” the correct boxes to obtain certification. With more diverse clients came the need for more diverse approaches. From Banking through to Telcos and Pharma each project offers fresh challenges. The one thing that remains the same is the Lean Mindset. From some of the largest companies in the world through to business with only 6 employees our approach is always the same. Engage the people, listen to what they have to say and coach them through to success.

In 2008, CLS commenced operations in the UK, quickly becoming established as a respected and successful consultancy company within manufacturing operations in the Midlands. Since then CLS have now become a nationally accredited training provider for NVQ’s in the UK, and have continually delivered successful  ‘Profit Improvement Projects (PIPS) in the UK, Europe, North America and Canada.

In 2012 Andrew Lunn, General Manager of operations in UK was invited to join the committee for ‘Birmingham Best Practice in Construction’ (BBPC)  and was responsible for identifying ‘Transferable Skills’ , developed using CLS’s extensive knowledge in Automotive and Manufacturing, which can then be utilised within the Construction Industry.