Quick Change Over resulted in $145,000 cost avoidance


A repetition engineering company determined that reducing change over time on its broad mix of manual and CNC machines was necessary in order to remain competitive. Complete Lean Solutions Pty Ltd worked with a cross-functional team of operators and support staff to train, measure, apply and standardise Quick Change Over (QCO) techniques. The resulting average change over time reduction for two very different items on two very different lathes was 67.5%.


The company’s traditional customer base generally ordered products in quantities of over 5,000 to 10,000 pieces per order. The company began receiving an influx of RFQs for much smaller order quantities, some as low as 30-50 pieces.

For a typical small quantity order, this equated to a 58% reduction in total labour cost per piece. Across the business this equated to an opportunity of AU$145k, or just under 10% of total turnover.

What we did:

CLS worked with a cross-functional team of company employees, including three machine operators, to understand change over activities and implement Quick Change Over (QCO) strategies, including:

  • training the team in QCO philosophy and techniques
  • collecting current state change over time data for two different repetition machines
  • assessing all change over time actions
  • brainstorming improvement opportunities to reduce or eliminate change over time actions
  • estimating the impacts of planned improvements
  • implementing improvements on both repetition machines

Type of Business:

Sector contact for more information:
Todd Standal

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