Successful Die Change Quality (DCQ)

What we achieved:

Prior to the activity the data showed for all parts produced within the period, average DCQ of 91%, with 25% of parts exceeding 100%

Following the CLS lead activity, average DCQ of 96%, with 39% of parts exceeding 100%

Monetary value: A sustainable saving of £460,000 per annum


The client is a large UK-based manufacturing OEM. CLS was engaged to help improve Die Change Quality (DCQ) within their stamping facility. The DCQ is a measure of quality performance in the first hour following a changeover.  The target is to reach at least 100% DCQ following a changeover across the product range.  The DCQ for this client could be as low as 80%.  Following analysis of data over a representative 4-month period the following was found:

  • Quality concerns are the highest contributing factor affecting the DCQ performance
  • Considerable variation in performance across shifts
  • Significant variation in staff skill/experience across shifts
  • Lack of standardisation, leading to different interpretations of ‘downtime’ and ‘planned downtime’
  • No real correlation between Die Changeover Time and DCQ.

What CLS did:

Working with the internal team and utilising video capture, brainstorming activities, and machine monitoring system data the following improvement actions took place: Die Change Quality measure was added to the company K.P.I. ‘scorecard’. Full line ‘utilisation’ activity – investigations showed that over a period of time some of the machine parameters had changed.  A full team activity resulted in the presses being re-calibrated ‘back to standard’ with full line set up documentation developed, and a robust auditing system implemented.  Part ‘family’ groups were created, which enabled easier, less complex analysis and countermeasure actions to be shared across all areas. Further training was identified to enable all staff to support technicians in machine recovery and quality concern identification.  Analysis of current ‘die clean’ activity is now carried out at the beginning of every production run, with a schedule developed based on each die’s historical performance.

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Sector contact for more information:
Stefan March

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