Reducing the change over time resulted in savings of over £2M


Results: The outcome from the SMED activity has been to reduce a change- over time from 45 minutes down to 6 minutes. This meant the change-over can be accommodated in the scheduled 10 minute operator break and has eliminated 27 hours per year of stoppage.

This equates to sustainable savings of over £2M per annum.

Background: The client is a large OEM directly involved in Manufacturing. CLS were engaged to look at significantly reducing the change over time for a process that was causing downtime and lost production. The target was to reduce the change-over time from 45 minutes to below 10 minutes (so it could be carried out in a scheduled ‘break time’). The CLS investigation found:

  • The cycle time for reclaiming gas was over 5 minutes.
  • Damage was occurring to adaptors when taking them to and from the process
  • Pipes were not colour coded leading to lost time when re-engaging the adaptor.
  • Tools and equipment were located in the wrong locations.

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What we did: Having worked with the internal team and utilising video capture, brainstorming activities, and practical problem solving the following improvement actions took place:

  • Design and fabrication of a work table to transport the adaptor leading to significantly reduced damage.
  • Quick installation of a replacement adaptor facilitated by introducing magnetic locks instead of a screw locking mechanism.
  • Pipe colour coding and location markings also put in place to ensure easy recognition of the correct alignment on re-assembly..
  • Tools and equipment repositioned.

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