At CLS we offer ;

Level 2 Apprenticeships in ‘Improving Operational Performance’ (IOP) – (Download available on the side bar)

Bespoke ‘Training’ programmes that are¬†aligned to a companies unique requirements.

Along with these programmes we also offer short one or half day programmes;

Executive Alignment

This one or half day program is targeted at the senior managers in businesses wishing to evaluate how a Lean approach would affect their behaviours, measures, thinking and culture.

The programme includes;

  • How ‘Lean’ will only work if it is embraced at the top of the decision making tree.
  • Lean Values
  • Lean Behaviours
  • Waste and the link to Lean Thinking
  • Introduction to some Lean Tools
  • Enablers
  • Capacity Improvement
  • Management Tools

This activity can be seen as a great introduction to support any Lean activity by fully engaging senior management at an early stage. The programme is an essential first step in any team development.

Free Lean Diagnostic

The best way to understand the current operational performance of your business is to take and independent assessment based on key areas identified, which are key components required in operating a progressive company fully focussed on ‘Lean Principles’.

Our diagnostic tool will provide an appraisal of your current systems. This activity will take just one day to complete and would form the basis of a presentation to your management team explaining results and proposals for next actions.