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CLS is a nationally recognised training provider in the UK, and within City & Guilds are accredited to train and deliver Level 2 Apprenticeships in Improving Operational Performance (IOP).

Complete Lean Solutions’ apprenticeship program has gone through several refinements and has been continually improved over the years.  The program has helped many clients develop Lean thinking employee cultures.  We have helped, supported and developed individual employees and have generated quantifiable business efficiencies.  Programs delivered by our experienced and qualified team have saved UK businesses millions of pounds over the years. More importantly, as its legacy, CLS has left each business with a clear continuous improvement direction and structure for supporting ongoing change.

The program is delivered over 13 months and contains on-job and off-job delivery.  It contains accredited qualifications in business efficiency, English and mathematics.  It allows progression from Level 2 to Level 3, and maintains outstanding innovative modern delivery concepts.

Each program is carefully planned and designed to slowly, efficiently and practically support a business to its development of a world class business culture.

Training is carried out through an agreed time period and focuses on learning through a more “on process” experience.  Coalface-based project activity is then aimed at re-enforcing classroom learning.

CLS also provides bespoke training programs that are based on the activities taking place within your company.  These programs are structured around your company’s own processes and are focussed on the development of Lean thinking within your employees.  The training is a practical deployment of skills your company requires, and provides a solid base from which to make the necessary improvements that will sustain the future of your business.

The training can be tailored to suit any environment, such as production lines, workshops, offices, warehouse facilities, building sites, etc. The content provided will be delivered within the working environment and will also be further bolstered by classroom and work place sessions. This process ensures that the maximum benefits of any improvements are experienced directly by employees themselves.  By delivering the training in this manner, we can offer support and advice to employees and ensure that they are able to engage with the improvement process.  Employees are your most important asset, and the knowledge they have in respect of the day-to-day operation is invaluable. Our task is to work with them to harness that knowledge and encourage the confidence that they are able to make a difference.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat to see how our training provision can support your business.

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