Ian Tunnecliffe, Vice President Operations, Blue Scope Steel Western Port

“The CLS program focuses on the real, underpinning, fundamental basics that are needed for true cultural shift towards a lean environment.  It provides the foundations that are essential for reliable, predictable outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending the CLS team to anyone serious about embracing Lean Thinking. The CLS approach is practical and delivered where the value-add activity is. It is user friendly at every level within the organisation.”

Managing Director Jim LeSage of True Foods speaks about his Lean journey with CLS

“True Foods has been in the introduction and rollout of Lean for the last several months and while it is early days it is having a positive effect on the business.  The tools are becoming visible, the practice of 5S is showing up in the focus areas of the implementation teams, managers are performing audits, problem solving is happening and turning in better solutions.  Most of all there is a bit of a culture being built.  We have a way to go, but the momentum has taken over and going the right way.  A few steps forward, a step back every now and then but generally all forward.  Thanks for your support in the journey.”