Provision of a wide spectrum of nationally endorsed Lean deployment programs to multiple business sectors in both Australia and the UK.

CLS offers both bespoke and nationally accredited Lean training programs to a wide variety of business sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, services and logistics.

Each CLS program involves a mixture of off-the-job workshops developed around activity-based learning and supported project-based work.  Each project is targeted to deliver bottom line savings and improvements to your business.

As each participant is actively involved in the delivery of the project, learning is experiential.  Your employees become more and more confident as they deliver each project, building the capacity for them to learn to solve their own problems at the coalface.

Depending on the size of your business, we can use our program or tailor it based on your preferred or proprietary Continuous Improvement framework.

Our programs emerged from strong market demand for practical Lean deployment.  In Australia, we developed a Lean program based on what we saw that each sector needed, then mapped it against the nationally accredited Competitive Systems and Practices and Process Manufacturing training programs.

CLS is unique in this approach, which has resulted in the most practical-based Competitive Systems and Practices and Process Manufacturing programs available.

The opportunity exists to make your business more competitive and earn qualifications supported by local funding.

The programs are based on a mixture of workshops, activity-based learning and experiential learning through project-based work.  Each candidate is involved in the delivery of a series of projects whilst being supported by one of our Lean Specialists in the workplace.

The projects are targeted based on areas of opportunity identified by the management team, therefore they deliver significant benefit to your business.

Each of our Lean Specialists has worked with many businesses to identify and measure relevant targets, implement continuous improvement projects and deliver considerable savings whilst transferring understanding and knowledge of how to think and behave in a truly Lean culture.

Complete Lean Solutions Pty Ltd uses the services of an independent company, Complet-Ed Pty Ltd, ( to identify businesses that are looking to upskill their employees and introduce us to these companies.


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